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Automatic Car Test for Drivers

Do you like an automatic car or classic manual car? What makes you most comfortable? Are pressing clutch pedal and moving gear stick again and again problematic for you? Do you like to have maximum control over your car or not? These are few questions often come to mind when you need to make a decision to buy a car. These questions are mutually exclusive and show your preference of automatic car over manual car or vice versa.

If you have driven manual transmission car and now you are interested to buy an automatic car, you have to get understanding of some of the features associated with automatic car because transmission features of automatic and manual car are entirely different.

In order to develop an initial understanding with associated features of automatic car, “Drive in Malaysia” has created a testing mechanism so that you may not only learn about various features of automatic car but test your knowledge about automatic car and its associated features. We advise you to attempt our “Auto-Car Test for Drivers” as frequently as possible to maximize your understanding level about automatic car and its associated features.

Don’t hesitate to leave a comment to let our community know about your experiences related to automatic car or test results.