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Enforced on April 15 2017, Demerit Points System for Traffic Offences (KEJARA) is a system of giving demerit points to vehicles' drivers who commit scheduled offences under the Malaysian Road Transport Act, 1987. Kesalahan Jalan Raya (KEJARA) is a specialized road safety mechanism implemented in Malaysia to reduce the number of road accidents. This system is somewhat similar to road safety systems implemented in other countries like Germany, United Kingdom, Australia, Canada, Singapore etc.

Under KEJARA system, speeding, overtaking at double lines, not displaying "L" plate (for Learner’s Driving Licence-LDL holders) and "P" plate (for Probationary Driving Licence-PDL holders), not stopping the vehicle when signalled by traffic warden, car parking in heavy traffic areas or at bus stops, participating in illegal racing, parking vehicle along yellow line, drunk driving, concealing road accident you have while driving, driving with expired or suspended licence, reckless and dangerous driving, non-compliance with traffic lights, driving without care and consideration, not carrying driving licence while driving, driving unregistered vehicle etc., are considered as traffic offences.

KEJARA system maintains 23 offences as scheduled offences. Once committed by a driver, he will be given demerit points. Following is the distribution of demerit points and corresponding sentence:

The first 20 points- CDL holder will be warned while PDL will be revoked. The next 20 points- CDL will be suspended for 6-8 months. The next 20 points- CDL will be suspended for 8-10 months. The next 20 points- CDL will be suspended for 10-12 months.

A fine of RM 2000 or 6 months imprisonment can be imposed to a driver who drives while his driving licence has been suspended.

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If you are drunk, you should not drive in Malaysia. According to Demerit Points System for Traffic Offences (KEJARA), if Police office doubts that a driver is drunk, he can take breath, blood or urine samples immediately to confirm the existence of alcohol in the samples. If alcohol content is found in the samples, a fine of RM 2000 or 6 months imprisonment may be imposed to a drunk driver for the first offence.

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