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Lane and Roundabout Rules in Malaysia

Lane rules are obligatory to be followed in every country. Similarly, drivers in Malaysia are required to follow lane rules strictly in order to avoid traffic offense and congestion. Lane rules educate drivers on how to follow lanes properly, when to change lane, how to enter in or exit from a lane, how to drive in a roundabout, roundabout traffic signs, etc.

The lane rules in Malaysia are in accord with the international lane rules, therefore, it is easy for locals and foreigners to understand and follow basic lane rules and lane signs. If there are three lanes on a one-way road, left hand lane is for slow traffic including those who want to turn left, right hand lane is for fast traffic, whereas, middle road can be used for overtaking or mid-speed. Drivers should follow lanes properly in order to avoid disruption and honking. Most of the drivers will honk or blink headlights in order to signal you that you are in wrong lane or you should speed-up or speed-down your car according to lane.

Drive in Malaysia offers “lane rules” test so that our readers and JPJ driving licence applicants may test their driving skills in lanes and roundabouts. The test consists of 10 question. You are required to obtain 9 marks to pass the test. We advise our readers to attempt our “lane rules” test many times before attending “JPJ theory test” so that they may get full command on all lane rules accumulated in our database.

Due to universal nature of lane and roundabout rules, our lane and roundabout rules test is open for everyone. Visitors from all countries can learn how to drive in lanes and roundabouts.

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