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Hand Signals from Drivers to Other Road Users and Traffic Controllers

Hand Signals from Drivers to Other Road Users

One of the most important techniques to learn as a new driver, especially in the United States is how to skillfully use your hand to signal in case there is an emergency such as brake failure or probably your signal lights suddenly stopped working. So, as a driver, mastering how to communicate with the hand is important for vehicle drivers globally including Malaysian drivers. Below we will mention several hand signals essential for drivers to know.

vehicle drivers hand signals to other road users and traffic controllers in Malaysia

• Stretching out the arm through the window with extended fingers

Drivers often give the sign that they intend to slow down by stretching forth their hand with extended fingers or palm stretched forward. This is advisable to be done when the steering wheel is well grabbed with the other hand and the arm should be removed only after properly taking the turn so as not to confuse the vehicle coming from behind.

• Stretching the right arm out of the window with extended palm pointing forward

Drivers who hold their hands in this position while driving are showing the intention to turn right. This is often useful when a driver has the intention to change direction or stopover in the case of an emergency when the indicator isn't working.

hand signals for vehicle drivers in united states malaysia

• Stretching out the right arm and rotating forward

When a driver gives this signal, it indicates that he/she has the intention to turn to the left-hand side, so the vehicle coming behind has to slow down or overtake from the right side.

Hand Signals from Driver to the Traffic Controllers

You may find yourself in situations where there is an emergency and you have to communicate with the traffic controllers, most times when the indicator isn’t working. Appropriate use of hand signals will avoid causing confusion and misleading the traffic controllers. The expected hand signals are explained below:

• Lifting the left arm in the air

Drivers, when in this position, signal to the traffic cop to indicate their intention to go on straight ahead.

hand signals for traffic controllers

• Putting the left arm out to the side

In a situation when the driver intends to communicate with the traffic controller that he/she is turning left, this position is often adopted. However, the driver can also indicate by stretching out the right hand in the same direction.

• Putting the right arm out through the window to the side

Drivers signal their intention of turning to the right side of the traffic controller using this position.

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This article indicated and explained different hand signals that should be used by road users to communicate with other road users and traffic controllers. Drivers have to be sensitive to these hand signals and understand what each arm movement signals or get ready to face a fine or be charged to the court of law for ignoring these hand signals in some cases. Basically, understanding these rules and signals will not only save you from fines but also help you to drive safely. It is also to help road users avoid accidents and inform others, including pedestrians to be aware of the driver’s next move. The techniques of using hand signals and being able to appropriately interpret them are part of what is required to be a good driver.

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