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How Should You Wash Your Car: By Hand or With Automatic Car Wash Machine?

The process of washing cars is one of the routine things that vehicle owners do regularly, whether by washing cars at home or in specialized car wash stations. It restores the car to its beautiful appearance and increases its luster, especially when doing so in one of the specialized stations with extensive experience in the field. Car washing is always linked to human existence, in the sense that there are people doing this washing process. However, technological development has led to the emergence of new systems for washing cars, which is the automatic car wash that lessens human intervention in this process. In addition, because many people are confused when deciding which is better method to wash the car i.e., manually or using modern automatic car washes. In this article, we will make a comparison that may help you to make a decision between manual or automatic car wash on your next intention to wash your car.

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Which One is Preferred: Automatic Car Wash or Hand Wash?

When comparing a manual or automatic car wash, we must indicate the advantages and advantages of each of them, so that you can determine and choose the method that suits you best.

Automatic Car Wash

-Exterior Cleaning

The power of the water rush and the power of the rotating brush in the automatic wash, make it able to clean the car from dust better than washing by hand. Moreover, it is able to remove any objects attached to the paint and the exterior structure very quickly, while the process of removing stuck stains will be more difficult when washing the car in the traditional way.

-Quick Washing Process

The automatic car washing can complete the process in a record time ranging between 5-10 minutes, and this is a much shorter time than the manual washing method, so the automatic washing method is very suitable for people who do not prefer to wait in the car wash centers for a long time.

-Vehicle Safety

Automatic car wash stations are designed to clean the car thoroughly while ensuring that none of the parts of the car is damaged, as these washing machines use a very soft cloth strips that pass over the body of the car as required without posing a threat to the paint or the structure of the vehicle. While manual washing may cause damage to the structure of the vehicle, especially when the brushes and cleaning sponges are wrongly used.

-Water Saving

Due to the high speed of automatic washing machines, the amount of water savings is always more than the manual washing method that uses very large amount of water.

Manual Car Wash

Our conversation, which includes the features that the automatic method is superior to the manual method, does not mean in any way that it is the best. The manual washing method also has many advantages that outweigh the automatic method and make it a preferred option for some people.

-Precision and Perfection in Cleaning

When using hands in car washing, it is easier to reach dirty corners and edges than in automatic washing. The machine cannot distinguish the dirty place, focusing on it, and making sure the cleanliness of such dirty stains and spots, so the traditional method prevails over the mechanism at this point.

-Cost Effective

In general, the cost of manual car washing is always lower than the cost of automatic washing, and although the prices vary according to the car washing station, everyone usually knows the prices of manual car washes, and even if they differ, the difference is simple compared to the cost of the automatic method.

Which One is Better, Washing the Car Manually or at an Automatic Car Wash?

When comparing the features of each car washing method, you will logically find that automatic washing is the best because it has greater advantages than manual washing. But we have to bear in mind that human needs are different and many people do not need the advantages provided by automatic car washing and prefer to save money on the cost of washing, so determining the best washing method depends on the needs and requirements of the individual.

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We presented you with a simple comparison that shows the preference between manual washing and modern automatic washing. We hope that this article will help you determine the washing method which suits your needs, and we advise you to learn how to clean the car’s surface and remove stains from the leather seats, as well as knowing ways to clean the car’s engine gradually.

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