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Seven (7) Driving Manoeuvres Every Malaysian and International Driver Should Know

No one enjoys spending time in a car, but for some it can be an absolute nightmare. Drivers need to be aware of their surroundings and manoeuvre their car safely and efficiently through traffic. If you're a vehicle driver, driving on Malaysian roads or anywhere in the world here are seven road driving manoeuvres that all drivers should know how to do. They are: starting, stopping, turning, backing, parking, changing lanes, and passing. Each has a specific purpose and function. Practice them regularly so you'll be ready when they're needed!

Seven (7) Driving Manoeuvres, starting, stopping, turning, backing, parking, changing lanes, and passing


Starting is self-explanatory - it's what you do when you set off from a stopped position. When starting, make sure all car dashboard alarms are not blinking. Drive carefully and slowly in dense traffic, during rain, and when you see hospitals and schools along the road you are passing by.


To stop, you simply apply the brakes and come to a complete standstill. You need to stop your vehicle when you feel hazardous, have obstacles in front of your car, or a pedestrian or an animal suddenly come in front of your car. Don’t suddenly stop the car, instead, anticipate the road situations and act in advance. Follow the defensive driving principles to avoid bad experiences on road.


Turning is perhaps the most common of all the manoeuvres. It allows the driver to change direction and is usually done at intersections. Follow intersections and roundabout rules to avoid accidents.


You may need to reverse if you miss your turn or if you encounter an obstacle in your path. When backing, it's important to use your mirrors so you can see behind you, and to go slowly so you don't hit anything.


Parking manoeuvres vary depending on whether you are parallel parking or perpendicular parking. Always park your car in parking lot. Keep a safe distance from other cars already parked in the parking area.

Changing Lanes

Changing lanes is necessary when you want to overtake another vehicle or turn off onto a different road. Before changing lanes, use your turn signal to let other drivers know what you are doing.


Finally, passing involves overtaking another vehicle on the road. You will need to be sure there is enough space before pulling out into the lane next to the vehicle you want to pass.

International Journal of Management, Economics and Social Sciences

By following these seven basic driving manoeuvres, you will be well on your way to becoming a safe and confident driver. These 7 road driving manoeuvres are important to always keep in mind while you're on the road. Depending on the situation, they could save your life or the life of someone else. Stay safe and be cautious when driving!

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